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"To travel is to live" ~ Hans Christian Anderson

"To travel is to live" ~ Hans Christian Anderson

"To travel is to live" ~ Hans Christian Anderson "To travel is to live" ~ Hans Christian Anderson

Privacy Policy

Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

Sail Away Adventures respects your right to privacy. Feel free to browse our website. This website does not collect personal information. We will only ask for your name if you request information from us. If you would like to receive information, you can decide whether to give us your address, email, or phone number based on how you want to receive information from us. Whatever personal information you provide, will not be sold to a third party. We will only share personal information with a third party when it is necessary to book your vacation or if required by law.  

Sail Away Adventures will never ask for credit card information on our website and will never request that you email credit card information to us.  When you provide a credit card number to Sail Away Adventures, we will only use it to purchase the products or services that you requested and will only share it with the parties necessary to the transaction. 

If you choose to purchase something, book a vacation, or excursion online using one of the links available on our website, that site may require your credit card number to reserve or pay for your purchase. When booking through linked sites, please familiarize yourself with their privacy policy prior to inputting your personal information.  Neither Sail Away Adventures, Jeffrey Kizivat, nor Linda Kizivat are responsible for the safety of information you provide to other companies.


When booking as part of a group, we may disclose your participation information to the group organizers for planning purposes. If you have any questions about what we will share with the group organizer, please let us know.