Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a travel agent?


In the age of online booking and artificial intelligence, human travel professionals are more important than ever. 

Our knowledge, gained from both training and first-hand experience, helps us curate the countless choices, navigate the booking options, identify the most beneficial promotions, and match your needs better than any AI. (And by AI, we mean Artificial Intelligence, not All Inclusive!)

We proactively make sure that your trip is tailored to you, help you anticipate and plan for potential issues, assist or advocate for you in case the unexpected occurs, and work within your budget. 

We help find the best value for your money based on your requests.

Will I pay more if I book through you?


No! All of Sail Away Adventures planning services are complimentary when booking your vacation with us because we believe that's an integral part of providing exceptional client service as a travel professional.  

Wondering how we get paid? Usually, we receive a commission directly from the resort, cruise line, or service provider that you ask us to book for you. We also receive a commission if you book using a third party link on our site. 

However, we do reserve the right to charge a nominal fee when booking certain components of your trip for which we are not otherwise compensated. 

What payment methods do you accept?


 When conducting transactions with Sail Away Adventures, a major credit or charge card is required and photo identification may be required. Using your credit/charge card may provide you with additional rights and benefits provided by your credit/charge card company.  

Sail Away Adventures does not accept cash, money orders, or travelers checks.  

Note: Some of our travel providers require a signed credit card authorization form prior to acceptance.

What are the advantages of booking early?


  Booking early is fun! Booking early allows you to start planning and dreaming about your adventure sooner. When booking early you, generally*, do not need to pay the whole fare. All you need is the deposit which in most cases is fully refundable. (If it isn't refundable, we will let you know.) 


The likelihood of snagging your preferred location is better the earlier you book. Do you need connecting rooms? Do you want a room near the pool or the restaurant? Would you like an ocean view or mountain-view? Do you like to be midship or aft?  

Some people find that by booking early, it is easier to save for their vacation. We can even apply small payments throughout the year so that by the time you are ready to travel, your trip is paid in full and you do not need to put a big final payment on your credit or charge card. The choice is yours.

With pricing integrity there is no need to wait for lower fares. And, let's face it...sometimes the prices go up or a really great adventure sells out. The sooner you place a deposit, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want and we will continue to monitor pricing.

*There are a few travel providers, hotels and cruise lines that require full payment in order to get a special price. In those cases we will inform you first.

What is "pricing integrity"?


 If a price goes down from what we quoted prior to booking, we will automatically give you the better price. If a price goes up prior to booking, we will contact the vendor to see if they will honor the lower promotional price. We can't promise we'll be successful, but we can promise we will try because we want you to be happy!  

Once you have booked and paid your deposit, we monitor for lower fares and promotions. If a lower fare or a promotion  with more inclusions becomes available to the general public,  we will work with the vendor to try to obtain the better fare or promotion for you.  We refer to this as pricing integrity. 

In some cases, it may be necessary to cancel your current booking and rebook at the lower fare. We will not do this without your permission if it will result in a change of accommodations, air flight, etc.

Unfortunately, once final payment is made, vendors will not lower your price for you. 

 We pride ourselves in making sure that you do not pay any more than you need to based on your requests. If you ever encounter a lower price for the same trip when working with us, please give us the opportunity to help you evaluate that price to ensure there aren't any hidden differences from what we quoted you.  

We want to make sure you know what you are getting and help you if we can. 

How long is your price quote good for?


 When we quote you a price, it is the best price we are able to obtain at that moment. It may go up or down between when we give you a quote and when you contact us to book it.  Here's why...

The nature of the travel industry is that prices go up and down throughout the day. Travel is a commodity, just like the gas that fuels it. Vendors raise and lower prices at will (sometimes without notice) based on the number of people who are booking, fuel prices, and other economic conditions. 


We will always be upfront about availability. It's not our style to try and scare you into acting quickly so, you won't find any "only two seats left" warnings on our site. Remember, we want happy clients! But we do want you to be aware that seats, rooms, etc. are generally have limited availability during promotions and when making a last minute booking. 

For example, it is possible that a several couples traveling together may not all receive the same price or may not be scheduled for the same flight because seats/rooms/space may be limited at each price point. If you will need five or more rooms for you and your friends or family, ask us about forming a group where we can lock in the pricing for accommodations at a competitive rate.